Diagnostics Tool


WD Diagnostics  v.1.09.0002

WD Diagnostics is a diagnostics tool for Western Digital Hard Disks having SMART capability. Even if it is made by Western Digital and distributed as a free tool for checking their hardware, it can be used on any hard disk having SMART capability.

Ricochet Monitor  v.0.2.13

RICOCHET Monitor is the most advanced diagnostics tool for your PC.


Axia iProbe  v.1 1

iProbe is an intelligent network maintenance and diagnostics tool that makes managing, updating, and remote controlling your Axia system easier than ever.

Jet Profiler for MySQL  v.1.0.4

Real-time query performance and diagnostics tool for the MySQL database server.

Jet Profiler for Mac OS X  v.1.0.8

Jet Profiler is real-time query performance and diagnostics software especially designed for the MySQL database server.

Spotlight on Active Directory  v.

The Quest Spotlight® on Active Directory Pack monitors Active Directory performance and provides you with the information you need to resolve issues before they impact users and deteriorate productivity.

ViewArgonaut  v.

ViewArgonaut is a Windows-based deployment, postprocessing, and diagnostic software program that can be used with any SonTek Argonaut current meter (MD, SL, SW, XR, and Argonaut-ADV).

Quest DirectoryAnalyzer Client  v.4. 10. 1937

Diagnosing an Active Directory problem can feel a little like a guessing game. Guess right and you can start applying a fix. Guess wrong and-well, you guessed it-more downtime and less productivity.

Error Nuker  v.

Error Nuker is a strong utility that will scan the Windows Registry to identify errors and ways to optimize the performance of the Windows Registry. Unlike other similar tools, Error Nuker is very careful with the registry - it never deletes a

ASTRA32 - Advanced System Information Tool  v.2.13

ASTRA32 is a powerful tool providing diagnostics and complete information about your computer system. It scans the actual hardware, not the Windows Registry. It also offers such features as a HDD Health Status checker and Drivers Troubleshooter.

Webserver Stress Tool

Webserver Stress Tool simulates large numbers of users accessing a website via HTTP/HTTPS. The software can simulate up to 10,000 users that independently click their way through a set of URLs. Simple URL patterns are supported, as well as complex URL

SwisSQL - Data Migration Tool

AdventNet SwisSQL offers a complete Data Migration Tool that helps the migration of database structures and data across leading databases such as Oracle, IBM DB2, MS-SQL Server, Sybase, SAP DB, and MySQL. It offers an open, user-friendly, and extensible

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